Handsome Boutonnieres

Handsome Boutonnieres

Amy Child Marella /// Thu, 29 October 2009 /// 0 comments

Boutonnieres are a small, but important detail for the men in your wedding party. The brides and bridesmaids have their bouquets, the flower girl has her basket of flowers and the men have their boutonnieres!

When it comes to designing the boutonnieres they should compliment the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets and your overall wedding décor. Classically, a boutonniere is made with, but how many flowers you choose is up to you. Using just a single bloom is timeless and can also be quite dramatic depending on what type of flower you choose. For a more substantial boutonniere you can use several blooms, which creates the look of a small bouquet. When making your floral selections for your boutonnieres my motto is the sturdier the better! Flowers that hold up well in a boutonniere are mini calas, stephanotis, roses, spray roses, cymbidiums and succulents. Some softer flowers that you should think twice about before using, especially in the hotter months, are ranunculus, gardenias (they brown easily), tulips and sweet peas (they wilt).

A lot of couples are using the boutonniere as a way for the groom to showcase his personal style. The best way to do this is by incorporating textures and non-floral elements. Don't hesitate to make your boutonniere stand out with unique elements like feather, stone, or wire.

Whatever style of boutonniere suits you there are two rules that are universal. The first is that they should always be finished off with a ribbon trim. If they're not and are just wrapped in tape than they're just not done. The second is to make sure that your florist makes the groom two boutonnieres. One for the photos and one for the walk down the aisle - a little back up never hurts!

Have fun creating the look of your boutonnieres and think of them as yet another way to add a personal touch and say something about the groom. Whether they're made of wire, a single bloom, or two - they'll only compliment the handsomeness of your groomsmen and groom!