Mary Dann Wedding & Party Coordinators

Mary Dann Wedding & Party Coordinators

View My Blog   ///   Mary Dann-McNamee has consulted on weddings since 1991 and is a featured planner on the Style Network’s Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?
She holds her masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern.
Mary Dann-McNamee /// Thu, 10 June 2010 /// Consulting

Luxury Hotels/Resorts that Require Wedding Planners in Los Angeles and Orange County

I recently surveyed eleven luxury hotels and resorts in Los Angeles and Orange County to find what their policy is with requiring a professional wedding planner for their brides. I hope my research will inspire more partnering and collaboration with professional planners.
Mary Dann-McNamee /// Fri, 8 January 2010 /// Consulting

HOT IDEA: "Wedding Planning Group Therapy" in Manhattan Beach Starting January 12

"Wedding Plannning Group Therapy" is perfect for anyone navigating the wedding planning journey. A confidential sacred space to share your anxiety, fears, frustrations, and joy while you travel the sometimes bumpy road of planning a wedding day. You are invited
Mary Dann-McNamee /// Tue, 15 September 2009 /// Consulting

The hottest new video wedding book!

More developments on the hottest new video wedding book for weddings…It is being launched at the WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographer Association) convention in Orlando this week. This video guest book is where the times are heading.. to capture all guests on video,
Mary Dann-McNamee /// Wed, 2 September 2009 /// Consulting

Innovative Guest Books

I am so thrilled to blog for my favorite magazine!! NO other magazine has their pulse on the wedding market like Inside Weddings!! What a privilege to be able to offer my insight to new trends and exciting things to look out for. I am looking forward to contributing in any