Arielle Kebbel Plans a Winter Wedding in Her New Movie

Learn more about "Four Christmases and a Wedding" and get the scoop on the new "Fifty Shades Freed"!

Arielle Kebbel Plans a Winter Wedding in Her New Movie

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Arielle Kebbel Four Christmases and a Wedding Lifetime movie

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When lovable Four Christmases and a Wedding star Arielle Kebbel states, "There is so much planning that goes into Christmas, and then there's so much planning that goes into putting together a wedding!" – truer words have never been spoken, so, just imagine combining the tasks. Luckily for the fan-favorite actress who claims that she would definitely need to hire someone for the big day, Kebbel gets a script to read from in order to act like the picture-perfect Christmas wedding planner in Lifetime's new movie premiering next weekend – and it's penned by a writer she deeply respects. Having worked with Barbara Kymlicka before on another wedding Christmas movie, A Bride for Christmas, the Florida native praises the strong female protagonists and similar themes that run through the stories – and the emphasis on how true love doesn't always come like clockwork, or in the form you might imagine.

A self-declared cornball, the whimsical actress is glad to be in movies that bring such joy to the world – especially during the holiday season, and she applauds the romantic message for being really encouraging and optimistic. For hopeful brides-to-be out there still waiting for their Prince Charming or hoping their beau pops the question on the perfect day with family and friends gathered around the tree, Kebbel hopes the film serves as a reminder that love doesn't always come on schedule – since, let's face it, for women who have been planning this day their whole lives, anything not going according to schedule is a major monkey wrench!

The fresh-faced actress readily admits that she couldn't be further from her on-screen movie persona – perfectionist planner Chloe – but she still has had plenty of practice walking down the aisle in a wedding winter wonderland after two movies that combine both tying the knot and decking the halls. That said, Inside Weddings thought it would be fun to sit down with the actress and hear all about Four Christmases and a Wedding, and brainstorm what could potentially make up the best ways to make saying your vows under the mistletoe that much better. Oh, and did we mention that we also got some scoop on Kebbel's highly anticipated new flick, Fifty Shades Freed?

Read below to see what the actress had to say and find out more about how to plan the perfect Christmas wedding!

Inside Weddings: So, let's talk about Four Christmases and a Wedding – your new movie for Lifetime! Tell fans a little bit about what they can expect from the film.

Arielle Kebbel: It's the perfect Christmas movie! [Giggles sweetly] The film takes place over four Christmases – hence the title, so, what's really fun is watching my character Chloe in all the different phases of her life, and if you love Christmas, you're going to love this movie four times over again! [Laughs]

IW: You play an event planner in the movie, and any professional knows that a lot goes into coordinating the perfect wedding, particularly around Christmas time. Any tools of the trade you learned from this film that you think would help add some great winter-wonderland flair to any wedding?

AK: Yes – to hire someone else and never do it all myself! [Laughs again] There is so much planning that goes into Christmas, and then there's so much planning that goes into putting together a wedding, so I honestly have so much respect for all these characters in the movie. I could never do it in real life! But it was fun to get to play make believe because it's like combining two of the most magical experiences into one. I love Christmas. I'm completely cheesy – I always drive around listening to Christmas music, and I love the decorations, and the holiday spirit. Then, to throw a wedding into the mix? That's really the cherry on top.

IW: This is also not your first time at the Christmas wedding rodeo! You've also starred in A Bride For Christmas. You are becoming a modern day Maureen O'Hara or Rosemary Clooney of Christmas bridal romantic comedies! Do you love these feel-good love stories?

AK: You know? I do. I think it's important for people to laugh with one another, and there's so much happening in our world right now and to be able to sit back and enjoy the Christmas spirit with one another is really important to me right now more than ever. One really cool thing about this movie is that it reunited me with writer Barbara Kymlicka, as well as the producer Timothy O. Johnson. A Bride For Christmas was extremely successful and also one of my favorite Christmas movies – and that was five years ago. Ever since then, we talked about doing something else together and our schedules never really aligned. Then this movie came along and when I saw who the writer was, I knew I had to do it. I love her work – she finds humor in the quirkiest moments.

The female characters have a sweet sarcasm to them[...] It's comical, but there's a lot of emotional work behind it. These smart, female characters; what else are they going through? There's a common line between these characters in that they won't settle for anything less than true love or happiness – and sometimes that takes time, and it's not always by the book. In this movie especially, it takes four years! I think that was one of the really special elements of this film for me; showing that timelines don't matter. In this day and age a lot of people get caught up in timelines and wonder, "When are you getting married?" No one on paper could see that a couple that met four years ago could make it through and be married, and this couple does – and I think that's a hopeful, charming, and romantic message! Against all odds they have the patience and love to wait it out and find one another again, and I think that's really special.

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IW: Let's talk about what it all comes down to – the dress. You've gotten the opportunity to play dress up quite a few times by now. What kind of gown really enchants you, and are there any designers in particular that you always keep an eye on?

AK: I think I just feel like when it happens, I will know. As far as designers? [Cracks up] Anyone reading this who wants to reach out with some ideas for dresses for when that time comes? Feel free!

IW: Of course, this isn't your first time working with Lifetime – you were also on their game-changing hit UnReal. That must have been an incredible experience. Do you continue to watch the show? Any chance you'll be back? 

AK: Always! [Chuckling] I love the show. I love supporting Shiri [Appleby], Constance [Zimmer], Josh [Kelly], and Jeffrey [Bowyer-Chapman] – who are outrageous on the show each season. It's one of my favorite shows that I've ever worked on because not only did I love the character that I played, but I also loved the show in general. The show's creator, Sarah [Gertrude Shapiro] is so brilliant, and she is so un-Hollywood in all of the best ways. She writes with such passion, and she writes what's on her mind – and she fights for it. It's just a very real show and I love that and will continue to support it as Lifetime hopefully continues to renew it for seasons five, six, and seven! [Giggles]

IW: And then, of course, fans can get ready to see you in the anxiously anticipated Fifty Shades Freed coming up in 2018. Will there be more wedding bells in that movie also?

AK: [Offers a sly smile] Gia [Kebbel's character in the film] does attend a wedding. If you've seen the preview, that gives you a hit of what's going on there! But, I can tell you that Gia is incredibly fun to play! She definitely spices things up. She's very good at her job, and she's very, very fabulous! I feel like she is a lot like a high-class Britney – the character I played on UnReal.

Does it sound like Kebbel's next big role will mean that fans of the big romantic franchise will be seeing some shades of white in Anastasia's world of Fifty Shades Of Grey? We'll find out February 9th on the big screens. Until then, everyone can get ready to fall in love – and get tons of tips for their big day – while watching Four Christmases and a Wedding on Lifetime this holiday season.

Four Christmases and a Wedding airs December 2nd at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Four Christmases and a Wedding Lifetime movie Arielle Kebbel

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1. Perfect holiday headpiece: veil, flowers, or jewels? 

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Or, go with Arielle's idea and try something like this retro flowery hat that says "It's A Wonderful Life," from Kleinfeld Bridal.

Maria Elena Headpieces from Kleinfeld Bridal

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2. Red, green, and gold are the expected Christmas colors. What should be your "something blue" at the wedding?
Candles – get the Hanukkah Menorah in there; blue and silver. Make it Christmukkah!

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Or, for the bride who always wanted to look like a snow queen, try this Ines Di Santo gown, which has just enough of that frosted hue to make your "something blue" complete!

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3. Who is the shoe designer every girl should wear on their wedding day?
Christian Louboutin!

Can't find the perfect heels to click three times?
We can't argue with Kebbel one bit! Louboutin always saves the day and is a favorite among our brides – like these romantic shoes that are perfect for "Walkin' in a Wedding Wonderland"!

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4. Perfect holiday honeymoon?
Somewhere warm where no one can reach me!

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Looking for sand, sun, and palm trees? Look no further: Playa ResortsHyatt Ziva in Puerto Vallarta is everything you could ever dream!

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5. Which flowers best say Jingle bells meets wedding bells?
Poinsettias with beautiful silver and gold trim all around them.

Feeling like floral is the only way to go for a Christmas trip down the aisle?
Check out this blossoming beauty by Romona Keveža!

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And if you feel like being a bit more traditional with your own dress, you can always have your bridesmaids looking like poinsettia princesses!

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6. What would make the best stocking stuffers as bridesmaid gifts?
Oooh! A hangover kit! [Chuckles]

Looking for more gifts that keep on giving?
It probably won't cure a hangover like the hilarious actress suggested, but these adorable and festive reindeer-print aprons from Minted will definitely stick to the theme and have your bridesmaids cooking up a storm!

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Or, if you want to fill the room with a sweet scent for your special day, gift your loved ones with some cologne and perfume by Oleg Cassini! Not only will the room smell like romance, but the gift is great for bridesmaids and groomsmen!

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7. Groom and the groomsmen: tie, bow tie, or no tie?
Bow ties!

8. Ice, ice baby! Three words to describe the perfect engagement ring?
Can Vanilla Ice serenade that to me during the engagement? Because, then, what else do I need? [Laughs] Let's go with sparkly, sparkly, and sparkly!

Got him to put a ring on it and need an idea on which one to choose?
Kebbel has it right here – when it comes to sparkle, there's no such thing as too much! Light up the room on your big day with this frosty ring by Furrer Jacot.

Furrer Jacot engagement ring idea

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