How to Let Your Bridesmaids Show Their Personal Style

These are some of our favorite ways for bridesmaids to express their individuality.

Discover the five best ways for your bridal party to reveal their individuality and show their personal style throughout the celebration.

wedding photo by richard anthony photography
Photo: Richard Anthony Photography

It’s well established that being a bridesmaid is both an honor and a hassle. Sure, it’s great to know that your friend wants you by her side on one of the most important days of her life, but there’s also a lot of expense involved. Perhaps the most notorious part of being a bridesmaid is the dress, and really the entire ensemble in general. More and more brides want to make being in the wedding party a more pleasant experience for the nearest and dearest ladies in their life – perhaps based on negative experiences brides have had when serving in others’ weddings.

If you’re looking to allow your bridesmaids to showcase their personal style while still maintaining a cohesive appearance for your ceremony and photos, you may find yourself a little lost. We’re here to explain the five best ways for your bridal party to reveal their individuality, while noting which methods will be the easiest to employ. 

- Let bridesmaids pick their own jewelry. 

Assuming your bridesmaids know enough about fashion to be able to accessorize themselves, this is something you should be fine letting them have free reign with. If it’s important to the look of your wedding, you can always specify a metal color. 

- Let bridesmaids choose their hairstyles. 

Unless you’re insisting on a completely uniformed look for your bridal party, this is a simple way for your bridesmaids to have a semblance of control in how they look. As with gowns, there are not many hairstyles that flatter every person, and bridesmaids may feel they will look their best if they have a choice in the matter. 

- Let bridesmaids wear their own shoes. 

Or buy new ones, as long as it’s up to them! If the bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, then it really shouldn’t matter what goes on their feet. It’s understandable to be more hesitant if they’ll be wearing shorter frocks, but having a few requirements like color or style should help keep the looks cohesive while allowing everyone to be comfortable.

- Let bridesmaids be themselves. 

If anyone in your party has a more unconventional style, such as visible tattoos, piercings, or brightly colored hair, don’t make them hide or change this aspect of themselves. Similarly, everyone has heard horror stories about bridezillas requiring their bridesmaids to lose weight, get a tan, or not cut their hair. Don’t do that.

- Let bridesmaids select the bridesmaid dress style. 

Brides are sometimes more reluctant to give up control when it comes to the bridesmaid dresses – and that’s okay! The mismatched look is trendy, and if it feels right to you, it can be a beautiful option. We do recommended having a suggested color or color family, though.

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