Get the Look: The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

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From Beyoncés bold, split-shank engagement ring, to Meghan Markle's three-stone beauty, to Elizabeth Taylor's glamorous Asscher-cut diamond stunner, get the look of some of the most popular celebrity engagement rings at Blue Nile!

celebrity inspired engagement rings and wedding rings to shop online from blue nile
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In the marriage of love and luxury, celebrity engagement rings are a beacon of ring inspiration for those planning to get engaged. The allure of the exquisite designs and dazzling gems, as well as the romance they embody for your favorite celebrity couples from both current times and decades past, captivate the hearts of brides and grooms around the world. 

From enchanting celebrity engagement rings featuring modern elements to designs highlighting a timeless elegance, join us as we find inspiration from extraordinary celebrity engagement rings of royals, icons, and celebrities. When creating your own engagement ring, discover the brilliance of both natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, as well as the diverse beauty of colored gemstones, for your own treasures that will become a symbol of enduring love during this engagement season. 

Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings: Capturing the Glamour of the Stars with Blue Nile Engagement Rings 

Celebrity-inspired engagement rings have long been a source of inspiration for soon-to-be brides and grooms, offering a glimpse into the romance and elegance of the elite. Emulate the essence of your favorite celebrity couples, making their elegant, unique, and stunning diamond engagement ring styles your own. 

From Meghan Markle’s regal charm to Beyoncé’s bold brilliance, let these iconic engagement rings inspire your choice and transform your love story into a star-studded romance. Whether you choose the same diamond cut, select a similar setting, or incorporate a gemstone like these celebrities, take a look at some of our favorite celebrity-inspired engagement rings from Blue Nile: 

The Royals’ Timeless Elegance 

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring from The Duke of Sussex features a stunning cushion-cut diamond center stone surrounded by two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection, set on a yellow gold band. This elegant design exudes sophistication and grace, and you can get a similar look by selecting a three-stone engagement ring in yellow gold. 

Princess Diana’s Iconic Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring 

Princess Diana’s sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring featuring an oval sapphire surrounded by round diamonds set in white gold – now worn by the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton – continues to be a symbol of timeless beauty. Explore the elegance and grace of this iconic piece by considering a sapphire-and-diamond ring with a halo or starburst design. 

Grace Kelly’s One-of-a-Kind Beauty 

Grace Kelly’s engagement ring featuring an emerald-cut large center diamond flanked by two baguette side stones, presented by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, is a symbol of refinement. Embrace the timeless style of Grace Kelly with an emerald-cut diamond set in a platinum band with baguette side stones, reflecting eternal elegance. 

Blake Lively’s Romantic in Rose Gold 

Blake Lively’s oval-cut pink diamond engagement ring, set in a rose gold band and adorned with delicate pavé diamonds, is the epitome of romance for those who love a bit of color. Emulate this enchanting style with a similar piece in rose gold, a fancy pink diamond or morganite gemstone, and a pavé band, embracing the dreamy aesthetic that makes Blake’s oval-shaped diamond ring truly special. 

Beyoncé’s Bold Brilliance 

Beyoncé’s 18-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from Jay-Z is a statement of opulence. Be inspired by her bold choice by choosing an emerald-cut diamond ring with a split shank and radiate glamour, luxury, and trend-setting status. 

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Toi-et-Moi Emerald Ring 

When John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline (née Bouvier), he selected an emerald-and-diamond engagement ring for his fashion-forward bride. Capture this look with a ring featuring diamonds and emeralds for a captivating multi-stone selection or a toi-et-moi ring – which has also been worn by Megan Fox, Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kylie Jenner – featuring diamonds and gemstones of your choice. 

Amal Clooney’s Classic Glamour 

Amal Clooney’s seven-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from George Clooney epitomizes class and sophistication. Find a similar dazzling piece with a diamond ring featuring tapered baguettes – similar to Grace Kelly’s engagement ring, combining beauty and elegance. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Modern Sophistication 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s engagement ring, a round-cut diamond on a delicate band, illustrates modern refinement. Capture the essence of her chic style with a minimalist round-cut diamond ring on a band adorned with pavé diamonds, symbolizing contemporary elegance. 

Elizabeth Taylor’s Glamorous Romance 

Elizabeth Taylor’s Asscher-cut Krupp diamond engagement ring from Richard Burton is a testament to enduring love and opulence. Reflect this romance with an Asscher-cut diamond ring with tapered baguettes or an array of surrounding diamonds as an ode to their lavish love story. 

Gabrielle Union’s Classic Beauty 

Gabrielle Union’s cushion-cut diamond engagement ring is a symbol of ageless beauty. Embrace the allure of this classic shape with a cushion-cut diamond set on an understated gold band, reflecting confidence and grace. 

A Commitment to Beauty & Sustainability: Popular Natural Diamond Alternatives 

Engagement season – the magical time from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day – is not just about proposals, it’s a celebration of love, commitment, and the promise of a future together. For many, this commitment also needs to reflect sustainable choices, which is why it’s important to choose a jeweler you can trust. 

Responsible jewelry choices ensure that this celebration extends beyond the couple to the environment and the communities where these precious gems originate. Ethical and sustainable practices are essential, making engagement season the perfect time to advocate for responsible jewelry sourcing. 

By choosing natural diamond alternatives such as lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced gems, as well as jewelry brands committed to responsible practices such as Blue Nile, you contribute to a positive change in the jewelry industry. Your choice becomes a testament not only to your love but also to your values, creating a legacy of beauty and integrity for generations to come. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds & Ethically Sourced Gemstones 

Regardless of the celebrity engagement rings you fancied from the list above, there’s another choice to make when designing the perfect ring: natural diamonds or lab diamonds. In today’s conscientious world, the choice of diamonds and colored gemstones extends beyond mere aesthetics. Ethically sourced lab-created diamonds and lab-grown gems ensure that your diamond jewelry not only sparkles brilliantly but also reflects a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 

Lab-grown diamonds in particular are physically identical in composition to natural mined diamonds, making lab-grown diamonds a popular choice among eco-conscious couples for both the engagement ring and wedding band, as well as additional wedding jewelry. Responsible jewelry brands, like Blue Nile and others championing lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones, allow couples to wear their fine jewelry with pride, knowing it embodies both beauty and ethics. 

Colored Diamonds & Colored Gemstones: Elegance in Every Hue 

While white diamonds symbolize purity and eternity, fancy-colored diamonds add a touch of individuality and rarity. From intense hues like vivid blues and pinks to warm and romantic yellows, colored diamonds radiate elegance in every shade. Colored diamond jewelry allows you to embrace the extraordinary, turning your jewelry into a work of art that reflects your unique personality, personal preference, and style. 

Beyond natural fancy-colored diamonds, the world of gemstones offers a kaleidoscope of colors from which to choose. From elegant emeralds to bold rubies, these gems provide a unique alternative to traditional diamonds. Whether you prefer the deep blue of a sapphire or the delicate blush of a morganite, your choice of a gemstone engagement ring will make your wedding ring even more special. 

Diamond Jewelry Beyond Engagements 

Diamonds have always been a symbol of enduring love, making them the perfect choice not just for diamond engagement rings but also for other pieces of jewelry that mark significant moments in life. 

Whether it’s a dazzling diamond necklace for an anniversary, a pair of statement diamond earrings for a wedding, or a classic diamond bracelet to celebrate achievements, diamond jewelry offers an opportunity to cherish life’s precious moments. From daily elegance to special occasions, diamond jewelry adds a touch of sophistication to every moment, becoming a part of your life’s beautiful tapestry. 

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As you embark on the delightful journey of selecting the perfect engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry, let some of the best celebrity engagement rings inspire you. From lab-grown diamond rings to those with natural diamonds or even gemstones, choose from Blue Nile’s pre-designed rings or design your own from their vast selection of natural diamonds, lab diamonds, and gemstones. 

Your engagement ring and wedding jewelry are reflections of your love story, your values individually and as a couple, as well as your unique style. Celebrate your love, embrace your individuality, and let your choice of jewelry become a testament to your enduring love story and the legacy you’ll leave behind.