Decisions You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About When Wedding Planning

These choices do not make you a bridezilla.

Decisions You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About When Wedding Planning

Photo: Lucas Rossi Photography

Ever since the term “bridezilla” was invented, there have been women afraid of how they’d be perceived once they started planning their wedding. The dichotomy between wanting your big day to be perfect and wanting to be seen as cool and chill can lead to many brides having a guilt complex if they ask for anything that might not be the most convenient option for their wedding party or guests.

However, truly being a bridezilla is more about having a demanding attitude and not understanding if something they request can’t be done. Those who have not planned a wedding – or haven’t done so in over a decade – may not fully understand how much work goes into the preparation – even if you have the help of a planner. Let us reassure you with the below list of things that you should not feel guilty about while planning your wedding. 

what you shouldn't feel guilty about when wedding planning
Photo by Lucas Rossi Photography

- Not paying for it yourselves. Granted, it’s different if you stomped your feet and insisted your parents foot the bill, but these instances usually consist of family from either side of the aisle choosing to help out. It is a wonderful, generous gift that says nothing about the content of your character.
- Registering for gifts. It’s a perfectly reasonable tradition, and your guests will likely still want to give you something even if you don’t have an official registry.
- Having a smaller guest list. It’s your day after all, and it should be filled with the people you and your future spouse love. If you’re more comfortable with hosting an intimate gathering rather than a huge party, that is just fine.
- Not providing a plus one to everybody. While you should make every effort to include significant others, allowing single attendees to bring guests can be too much to ask unless you have both an unlimited budget and space. For the most part, everyone you invite is likely to know at least a couple of other people. They will still have fun.