Mindy Weiss' Wedding Planning Advice: Don't Forget These Things

Celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss shares tips on the seven most often-forgotten wedding details.

The celebrity wedding planner put together a list of seven details many couples seem to always forget while planning. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your pens and take note!

Photo: Braedon Photography

Checklists are vital for every important event in our lives. Writing tasks down is a learned habit that helps us to compartmentalize and organize so that we’re the most efficient we can be. Of course, the system isn’t always foolproof: we can unintentionally leave things off of our lists, and more often than not, there’s always something we forget. 

For your big day, the key is to cut down the amount of items and to-dos we fail to remember – and the best way to achieve this is to have an expert wedding planner by your side. Celebrity event planner and Editors Circle member Mindy Weiss knows all too well that brides and grooms will likely make a few mistakes when it comes to planning. To help pairs in the midst of planning, she’s put together a list of seven details many couples seem to forget. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your pens and some paper and take note!

The Top Things Couples Forget While Wedding Planning

1. Picture-Worthy Lighting

I highly recommend more natural or amber-toned lighting… you don’t want to look blue in all of your Instagram shots!

2. Great Sound

In the case of your wedding, surround sound works far better than traditional speakers do. 

3. Providing Wi-Fi

Especially if you want that custom Snapchat filter to work or have guests use your wedding hashtag in their Instagram stories.

4. Phone Chargers

Have a few phone chargers available for you and the wedding party, just in case!

5. Back-Up Shoes

You’ll be on your feet for hours taking photos, dancing, and interacting with your nearest and dearest, so have a pair of more comfortable flats to swap out for your high heels.

6. Parking

Don’t forget to arrange for vehicle placement, especially in nontraditional or off-site venues.

7. Photographing Your Invitations

Assign someone to bring along a few copies of the invite suite for the photographer – you’ll be glad you have some great shots of these sentimental pieces, along with the other items for your wedding detail shots!

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