Should You Have a Groom’s Cake at Your Wedding?

How to decide if an extra confection is the right choice.

If you and your fiancé have not yet decided on including a groom’s cake, consider the following.

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When it comes to wedding planning, the bride’s tastes and opinions are usually favored in the decision-making process. The groom generally allows the bride to take charge and make final decisions as far as the color palette, theme, and floral arrangements. This does not diminish the importance or consideration of the groom’s preferences, however. Often, grooms enjoy attending food tastings and making musical selections. The groom’s cake is another opportunity to showcase personality, such as highlighting his favorite sports team, movie, or even his car, in edible form.

The groom’s cake is a Southern tradition and a very popular way to involve the groom in order to make him feel extra special. He will have a blast designing a confection that replicates something special to him, or make it a surprise for your groom and create one yourself. If you and your fiancé have not yet decided on including a groom’s cake, consider the following.

preppy groom's cake with bow tie for southern wedding

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Does he want his own cake?
Some grooms love the idea of a groom’s cake and are excited with all the choices. Others might not have a sweet tooth or simply do not care for a personalized confection. If this is the case, you might want to come up with another way to create something especially for him or figure out another way to surprise him on the big day.

Does he have a favorite flavor?
Let’s say he loves chocolate, but you and the majority of your guests like vanilla and that is was what was settled on for the wedding cake. If so, the groom’s cake is the perfect chance to treat him and allow him to indulge in his beloved peanut butter frosting.

Is there something he strongly wants to showcase?
Maybe he wishes he could have incorporated his love of football into the wedding or have had the ability to bring his pet to the nuptials. Does he have a dream car or is he a die-hard college alumni? With a groom’s cake, he can fulfill his wish with a replica of anything he desires, and it will make for wonderful photos.

Will your attendees eat the extra cake?
Depending on the size of your guest list, you may feel that an additional cake is necessary. However, it might not be if your friends and loved ones aren’t the biggest cake fans. Before finalizing your decision, think about how much cake will be consumed and/or left over.

Is the groom’s cake included in your spending limit?
Groom’s cakes can be pricey, especially ones with an intricate or lifelike design, as there are many intricate hand-formed details. Research some styles you like and discuss options with your cake designer to ultimately decide if a groom’s cake is the right choice for you.

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