The Best Wedding Website Builders for Free Wedding Websites

There are a number of free wedding website builder options out there, but which one is right for you?

Gone are the days when wedding guests were left to guess about certain wedding details. Today, part of wedding planning is creating a wedding website filled with information about the multiple events that make up a wedding weekend. Discover the best wedding website builders for a free wedding website!

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While technological wedding trends come and go, one aspect of the digital world that has continued to stay popular throughout modern years is wedding websites. While wedding websites were once essentially an “extra” for nuptials of the past, the idea of wedding websites have since become so common that it’s more unusual to not have one. Thus, creating a wedding website before the big day is now one of the most important parts of wedding planning to ensure your friends and family are well-prepared to attend the celebration. 

Whether you’re having a laid-back, casual soirée or a luxury wedding celebration, your wedding site will share all of the necessary wedding details with your guests before the nuptials – and often allow you to organize the guest list and access more premium features such as a guest-list manager, RSVP tracker, wedding registries, and more. The best wedding websites are those that are convenient for friends and family to view, read, and digest, as well as those that make the couple’s lives easier by offering planning tools such as guest list management, RSVP information, and more. 

When it comes to the design and details of your wedding website, you can either run wild with a custom design if you’re proficient at coding – or you can use a simple, easy-to-use wedding-website template from one of the below wedding-website builders. With so much wedding planning on the horizon, we suggest making your life easier with a customizable website template. Get started by taking a look at 5 of our favorite wedding website builder sites, below.

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Top Free Wedding Website Builders 

When looking to create your wedding website, your first instinct may be to build a website via Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace. While these website-builder sites are popular options, we suggest finding stylish wedding-website templates through bridal-focused sites that offer a wedding website builder. The best part? Most of them are free! 

Be sure the website builder you choose has all the features needed to create the perfect wedding website design, so your friends and family can access all the details they need to attend on your gorgeous wedding website. The following are five free wedding website builder options for you to choose from.

1. Minted 

Minted Custom Wedding Website

Photo courtesy of Minted

Some of the best wedding websites that we’ve seen from the couples featured in Inside Weddings are designed by independent artists for Minted. Brides and grooms simply choose the perfect wedding website template for their big day, effortlessly upload photos, highlight important wedding details, and share the link with friends and family! 


Price = Free

For $15, you can upgrade to a premium site, which includes features like a custom domain name, password protection, customized page templates, and a photo gallery. For those who would like to have the Minted Custom Design Services team create unique artwork for a one-of-a-kind wedding website, pricing starts at $270, and for only $49 (which includes a premium upgrade), couples can create a custom wedding website with the help of the Wedding Concierge Service

What We Love: 

- Wide Variety: There are over 1,400+ wedding templates to choose from for your site, so it offers much more than a generic website builder. While all of the wedding website templates are absolutely lovely, couples can select the look that works best for their big day by matching the wedding style, colors, and more. 

- Complementary Stationery: The Minted wedding website builder has templates that are designed to match an end-to-end wedding suite of invitations and additional wedding stationery (including programs, place cards, menus, table number signs, favor tags, thank you cards, and more), so everything will have a cohesive look. 

- Customization Options: Once you find a design you love, you can customize the colors, fonts, placements, and more even further to truly make it your own. The customization opportunities are unmatched! 

- RSVP Management: Not only can you list and gather online RSVPs for public events like the wedding, you can also list multiple events for the wedding weekend – including private events such as a bridal shower and rehearsal dinner that can be viewed only by specific invitees. 

- Address Collection: They make collecting guests’ mailing addresses easy. Instead of tracking down addresses one by one, the Universal Guest List feature will send everyone on your guest list an email requesting their snail-mail address. Once they fill it out, the addresses will be gathered in your online address book. 

- One-of-a-Kind Design: If you want a completely custom website, Minted is your go-to option. For just $98, couples can work with a Minted designer to create original, custom artwork for their site. You can even have your custom website match your custom wedding stationery!

2. Zola 

Zola Wedding Website Builder

Photo courtesy of Zola

Though Zola is best known for its wedding registry service, the online gift-registry site that allows couples to add many items across the web to their gift registry also offers wedding websites. Most ideal for pairs who are only registering with Zola, guests can purchase gifts directly from the website. 


Price = Free. 

If you'd like to upgrade to a custom domain, the cost for a custom URL is $14.95. 

What We Love: 

- Security & Privacy: Wedding website templates on Zola come with free password protection. They also offer the option to make certain details private and only visible to invited guests, such as certain wedding events, travel details, registry information, and more. 

- Design Options: With a few hundred wedding website designs to choose from, couples can also purchase matching save-the-dates and invitations in just a few clicks. However, basic changes like font, layout, and image adjustments are not available, so keep that in mind. 

- Virtual Capabilities: Ideal for couples who choose to elope, have a micro-wedding, or celebrate with friends and family remotely, it’s now possible to host a virtual wedding event directly on the website.

3. Joy 

Joy - Wedding Website Builder

Photo courtesy of Joy

For mobile app lovers, Joy is a wonderful option with an array of features and planning tools for the couple to use. Every website comes with a corresponding wedding app, which is especially helpful for tech-savvy couples who want to plan on the go and guests who want to easily access the details! 


Price = Free. 

What We Love: 

- Easy-to-Use App: Couples can easily update their website via the app, as well as receive push notifications when a guest RSVPs online. For guests, the app can be downloaded to easily access wedding information and upload guest photos on the big day. 

- Multiple Users: If you want to invite your fiancé(e), mom, maid of honor, or best man to help you create your wedding website, Joy makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate on the design. 

- Photo Sharing: Though the wedding website templates on Joy don’t have the customization options we like to see on a site builder (minimal template designs and no custom domains), they do offer the unique feature of allowing guests to share photos from the big day – and even stream them in real time to the website – via the app.

4. WedSites 

WedSites - Wedding Website Builder

Photo courtesy of WedSites

With an easy, drag-and-drop website-building tool, WedSites is a free option that makes it simple for couples to choose a website theme and share information with guests. For more planning tools, there are paid plans available. 


Price = Free for the Lite plan. 

For additional features, couples can upgrade to the Standard plan for $99, which includes RSVP management, or the Pro plan for $199, which offers more planning-related features. 

What We Love: 

- Easy to Use: Whether you want to move sections, change the width of certain modules, or upload your own calligraphy, the drag-and-drop editor makes it extremely simple to customize your site. 

- Privacy & Analytics: If you want to keep you website private, you’ll have the option to include password protection. You’ll also have access to site visitor analytics, so you don’t need to ask your great aunt if she’s seen your wedding website. 

- Additional Planning Tools (not in free plan): The Standard and Pro plans offer additional features, such as guest list management, online RSVP collection, digital save the dates and paperless invitations, custom email sending, and wedding-planner tools like a seating chart builder, digital checklist, budget calculator, timeline creator, vendor payment reminder, and more.

5. Basic Invite 

Basic Invite - Wedding Websites

Photo courtesy of Basic Invite

You’ve likely heard of Basic Invite for their holiday and event stationery, so it makes sense that they would also have wedding website designs – in addition to professional website themes for baby showers, birthdays, memorials, holidays, and more! 


Price = Free. 

What We Love: 

- Stylish Designs: With over 500 templates for free sites, couples can choose the design that fits their wedding day best. Each style is also available in matching wedding stationery, such as save the dates and wedding invitations. 

- Highly Customizable: From fonts, font colors, line spacing, and hues of the design itself, Basic Invite is very customizable. They even offer a color-picker tool to make it easy to match your wedding-specific features and palette to your own website. 

- Export Option: One of the advanced features available is ideal for couples that request digital RSVPs. After RSVPs have been collected, guest names can be easily exported to create printed place cards.

Wedding Website FAQs 

No matter which wedding website builder you choose, you'll likely have some questions related to fitting the creation of your wedding website into your wedding-planning duties and timeline. Learn more about wedding websites, below: 

What Is a Wedding Website? 

A wedding website is created by a couple to ensure their guests have a convenient, easy way to access all of the wedding details and information they’ll need to attend the big day. From the dress code to travel information and accommodations, wedding websites make it simple for the guest list to view everything they need to know before the wedding. Couples can even use a custom URL (i.e. that’s easy for guests to remember. 

Does It Cost to Create a Wedding Website? 

While some popular wedding website builders cost money – i.e. Squarespace, Riley & Grey, Appy Couple, etc. – some of the best wedding website builders are free. A number of websites that offer wedding planning tools, such as The Knot and WeddingWire, also provide a free website builder. You can also find stylish templates through an array of free wedding website builder sites, including Minted, Zola, Joy, WedSites, and Basic Invite. Find more details on these wedding website builders, above!

Can I Create My Own Wedding Website? 

Yes! You can absolutely create your own wedding website. There are a number of free wedding website builders online; however, one of our favorites is Minted’s wedding website builder. They offer the option to create your own wedding website from a selection of stylish templates, and they also provide the option to have a designer create a custom wedding website with unique artwork. 

When Should I Start a Wedding Website? 

If you are sending save the dates and including a link to the site, you’ll want to make sure your website is live by the time guests begin to receive the first round of stationery. Keep in mind that creating your wedding website might take longer than you think. Most resources will allow you to work on the site before it is posted to the public. 

Minted Wedding Website & Save the Date

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What Information Goes on a Wedding Website? 

Your wedding website will include an array of information related to the wedding day. From the events guests should look forward to, to registry information, to details about the location such as things to do or recommended activities, to common frequently asked questions, wedding websites share the information your friends and family will want to know. 

To get you started, here are some things to include on your wedding website: 

Welcome Message & Photo 

To introduce your wedding website to guests, be sure to share a favorite photo of yourselves along with a message that lets your wedding guests know how excited you are to celebrate with them soon! 

Main Wedding Details 

On the main page of your wedding website, you’ll want to be sure your names, wedding date, location, and time are included. That way, even if your loved ones only navigate to the main page of your wedding website, they’ll have all of the major information needed to be there on time and ready to celebrate. 

Timeline of Events 

Though you should not allude to any exclusive pre-wedding events on your wedding website to avoid any hurt feelings, noting the time of your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception is helpful information for your guests to have beforehand. It is also polite to note what will occur at the reception (i.e. drinks, dinner, dancing), so loved ones can be prepared for the festivities.

If everyone is invited to all of the events during the wedding weekend, by all means include pre-wedding festivity information such as welcome drinks or a welcome party. As mentioned, private events for only immediate family and the wedding party (such as the rehearsal dinner) should not be listed on the public wedding website.

Travel Information & Accommodation Information 

Whether the travel information provided is as simple the venue’s address with directions, or as complex as flight options, the closest nearby airports, room blocks if you have them (and suggested nearby hotels if you don’t), it is all valuable information for your friends and family. 

You can also share transportation details, driving directions, or suggestions to use car services like Uber and Lyft if transportation will not be provided. Parking details should be included as well. 

Consider making your website mobile friendly, as there will inevitably be guests looking up the address on the way there or accessing it from their mobile devices. Note: most wedding website builder sites offer this automatically, but it's certainly something to keep in mind!

Online RSVPs 

While we always suggest including traditional RSVP cards with stamped envelopes in wedding invitations, many couples opt to offer the option for their guests to RSVP online via the wedding website. 

Wedding Info & FAQs 

This is where you will include any other pertinent information that your wedding guests may want or need to know before the big day. For example: explain traditions some of your guests may be unfamiliar with, note if there’s anything necessary to bring, share your wedding hashtag, announce that you are having an unplugged ceremony, explain why you’re getting married where you are, etc. Infuse your personality, too! 

Personal Details 

If both families don’t know each other well or if there will be a lot of plus ones in attendance, a quick bio for you and your future spouse keeps everyone in the loop about your relationship. Romance is already in the air, so a brief “how we met” or proposal story is a nice touch. 

You can also include a photo album with engagement photos! Everybody likes looking at pictures, so throw in some photos of you and your sweetheart. Some couples also choose to direct people back to the website once the wedding photos arrive.

Wedding Registry Information 

Analytics have shown that people typically go to wedding websites for the registry page. While many consider including gift registry information on a wedding invitation an etiquette faux pas, people do want the information, and wedding websites have become the standard way to convey it. If you are not having a wedding registry, it is a good idea to include a blurb explaining that, so your guests are not left wondering. 

Wedding Attire Guide 

Don’t tell people exactly what to wear (unless you’re having a themed wedding like a white party), but a quick statement about the dress code and tips about the weather is generally appreciated. This is information people want! Nobody likes to feel awkward when they are overdressed or underdressed. For tips, learn how to choose a wedding dress code and a guide to the levels of wedding formality

The Wedding Party 

If you’d like, you can share a photo and brief bio for each of your wedding attendants, along with how you know them. While not required, it’s fun for guests to get to know your wedding party before the big day – and it certainly opens up conversation opportunities at the wedding! 

Things to Do 

Especially if you’re having a destination wedding, your friends and family will want to know what you suggest seeing and doing while they're in town. From restaurants and bars, to your favorite local spots, to sightseeing suggestions, a little research on your part will go a long way to helping your guests feel more comfortable traveling to a new location for your big day!

For more ideas and inspiration for your wedding day and beyond, discover the best save-the-date card ideas, shop our favorite online wedding invites to create a custom look for your big day, browse affordable wedding invitations we love, and see our favorite first anniversary gifts for your one-year wedding anniversary!

Opening photo by Callaway Gable; Planning & Design by Alyson Fox, Levine Fox Events, Inc.; From Real Event: A Poolside Proposal & Outdoor Engagement Luncheon in California