Los Angeles Couple Marissa & Brandon Share Their Registry Tips

Get advice from the newlyweds on their registry experience at four retailers!

Marissa and Brandon were excited to further curate their home together with a wish list at Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale's, Crate and Barrel, and Gearys.

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Photo: Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography

Marissa (née Freeman) and Brandon Nadel were excited to further curate their home together. “We both had various household basics from over the years, but I saw registering as an opportunity to define our style as a couple,” the bride shares, adding that they wanted to avoid following the modern trend of including furniture, outdoor equipment, or honeymoon activities.

The pair ventured into their chosen retailers as a united front. Their first stop: Bloomingdale’s. “They have such a wide variety of products in so many categories that it was easy to do a first pass. They also made it simple for guests to purchase items and for us to exchange things if needed,” Marissa describes. They settled on products such as a stylish salt/pepper set and an elegant vase. Next was Bed Bath & Beyond, where the groom was happy to scan favorites of his own. “I love to cook, so I selected some kitchen items and small appliances,” he shares. While at Crate and Barrel, Marissa and Brandon opted for modern pieces, such as a striking dark-colored platter.

"Don't overdo it with too much stuff just because it may be on a 'list of what you need' – stay true to your style and taste!"

Gearys is where Marissa found items she knew would be special. “We focused on design and décor for this wish list,” Marissa illustrates. They chose sleek statement bowls and classic crystal goblets. “I was given good advice from my wedding planner, Linda Howard, to not only register for what you may want right now, but for your future home and entertaining needs. That was really helpful to think about when rounding out our registry,” notes the bride.

Brandon encourages other grooms to get involved. “It made Marissa really happy to have me be a part of it, so definitely try to rally and get into at least some element of the process,” he says. Marissa emphasizes: “Don’t overdo it with too much stuff just because it may be on a ‘list of what you need’ – stay true to your style and taste!”

Registry Tips from Marissa & Brandon:

Keep it simple. “Don’t register at too many places; it’s much easier to streamline the process.”

Enjoy it. “There’s no other time in your life that you are going to be able to pick out beautiful things for others to buy for you to help build out your home. It’s a very unique opportunity you will feel so grateful to have experienced.”