Registry Trends and What to Add to Your Wish List

A Q&A with an expert on the subject.

Registering for gifts is an exciting part of the engagement period, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. In the midst of planning your wedding, you’re also preparing for the rest of your life.

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Registering for gifts is an exciting part of the engagement period, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. In the midst of planning your wedding, you’re also preparing for the rest of your life. To help couples feel ready for this next step, we spoke with Thomas J. Blumenthal, the CEO of GEARYS Beverly Hills. He offers his insight into modern registries and what every couple needs.

Inside Weddings: How have you seen wedding wish lists change over the years?

Thomas Blumenthal: Around 25-30 years ago, people were registering for items they would never use. Now we’ve focused the registry on items such as dinnerware, flatware, and lifestyle living items that couples can use in everyday life – not just during special occasions.

IW: What's one item you always recommend couples register for?

TB: I always recommend a great barware set to newly engaged couples. Whether you are having iced tea or soda, it will be served in a nice, elegant glass.

IW: What seems to be the biggest registry trends for 2019?

TB: In 2019, some of the popular trends we’ve been seeing recently are barware sets and lighting. A few years back, couples would register for silver candlesticks, but since there are new trends such as aromatherapy, those aren’t as popular anymore. In-home entertaining is also a trend that has skyrocketed and has impacted gift giving. 

IW: What's the first step an engaged couple should take with their wedding registry?

TB: The process is really different for everybody depending on their needs. Our recommendation is to first meet with one of our expert consultants on the couples’ lifestyle to determine their ideal registry. 

IW: When should couples begin registering for gifts?

TB: We’d say to start thinking about it right after the engagement ring is given. Between engagement parties and wedding celebrations, it’s the perfect time to share your registry.

IW: What nontraditional items should couples consider adding to their registry?

TB: A great gift for any couple are matching luxury watches. It’s a timeless accessory that will never go out of style. 

IW: For couples who already live together, what is the most important product to upgrade?

TB: Dinnerware is definitely the most important item to upgrade. It doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely fancy, but most couples eat off of random plates they have collected overtime. It’s best to get a set that is coordinated and put together.

IW: Do you have tips on deciding on the aesthetic of your housewares?

TB: Aesthetic is more of a personal preference, but our consultants are more than happy to help you find a look that goes with what you are searching for. If couples are looking for something more contemporary, we have classic white sets. We also get the couples who are in search of something more untraditional and lean more towards our colorful and fun patterns.

IW: How much time should couples spend on their wish list?

TB: On average most people spend around two to four hours on their wish list, but it is definitely a process that can be done over time. In fact, some people enjoy coming into the store on multiple occasions to pick out their gifts. 

IW: What is the most common registry regret you see from customers?

TB: This is the time of your life where you can ask for the moon. You certainly are not going to get it if you do not ask for it, so many people regret not adding that one item they had their eye on. The great part about registering at Gearys is that you can list many items at different price ranges to match the budgets of your guests.

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