Bluebell Events

From award-winning planner Charley Izabella King, Bluebell Events is an international event company that specializes in weddings and destination celebrations. Charley will lead you through the planning process to create your special day.

Agoura, California, United States
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Growing up in England, Charley Izabella King found early success as an actress, singer, and dancer from London's West End to the Broadway stage. Throughout her years of performing, traveling, and experiencing the most exquisite places, Charley found herself as the "go to" person for the parties where she could unleash her creativity. Making them look and feel fabulous was a passion and so she embarked on a new journey to become a wedding and event planner. Charley was lucky enough to work with some fantastic planners over the years, learning all the technical and catering skills to compliment her professional discipline and creative talents. Charley Izabella King approaches each wedding and event with a calm serenity and excitement of an opening night where you are the star even if you would rather be in the chorus! This is your moment to shine and Charley will take your hand through every step of the way making sure you feel safe and secure that every detail has been taken care of and is met with rave reviews. Fun fact: Bluebell flowers signify "everlasting love and union." What a perfect symbol of what Charley izabella King is and what she can do for you.