Due to their different comedy styles, Caroline Haubold and Aaron Burdette didn’t interact much in their sketch writing class at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. However, when they spotted each other at a sketch show, they decided to sit together and started chatting. “[We] realized we had a lot more in common than we expected,” Caroline reveals.

They began dating and their relationship continued when they moved to Los Angeles to further their respective careers as comedy writers. They were ready to take the next step in their relationship, but the process wasn’t as smooth as one might hope. “My parents accidentally spilled the beans so Aaron’s big proposal plans didn’t get realized,” laughs Caroline. Of course, what mattered most was that they were engaged. After taking nearly a year to enjoy this time, the couple began to plan their wedding. 

“I got so lucky to have Charley [King of Bluebell Events] recommended to me,” gushes the bride. “She really helped me pull off a phenomenal event, and without her experience and creativity, I can’t imagine where I would have been!” A stunning estate vineyard in Malibu with jaw-dropping views of the Santa Monica Mountains was selected for the venue. 

"I got so lucky to have Charley [King of Bluebell Events recommended to me.... Without her experience and creativity, I can’t imagine where I would have been!"

As 100 of their nearest and dearest gathered on the helipad with sweeping vistas, Caroline and Aaron exchanged their handwritten vows. However, unlike most couples, they did not write their own vows; rather, the bride wrote for the groom and vice versa. “They were a mix of humor and sincerity, written to match the other person’s style of speaking,” explains Caroline. “It was a risk, but it paid off.” 

To avoid competing with the natural beauty of the wedding venue, simple green and cream floral arrangements were used for both the bouquets and the reception centerpieces. Chandeliers with cascading flowers and verdure were placed over a selection of the dinner tables. 

The biggest priority of the newlyweds, besides their marriage, was being ecologically responsible. It was essential to find a catering company that only used sustainably raised and sourced meat and produce. Vegan and gluten-free options were also available for those with dietary restrictions. Caroline and Aaron even hired a “zero waste company” to help reduce their carbon footprint for the day. “They pick up the trash and turn it into electricity in East LA, the food is given to shelters, and the flowers are donated to hospitals and nursing homes,” shares the bride. That way their wedding was able to bring joy to even more people.