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17 Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Rings from Real Brides

From pear-shaped diamonds to gorgeous halo settings, you'll love these beautiful sparklers.

Whether you prefer pear-shaped diamonds, colored center stones, or halo settings, Inside Weddings is full of jewelry and wedding ring inspiration.


The Steps to Creating a Custom Engagement Ring

Learn what you need to do to have your dream ring made.

Whether you and your sweetheart decide to design something together, or you’re hoping to surprise your beloved with something special and unique before you propose, there are steps to be taken before having a custom engagement ring made.


What Your Engagement Ring Setting Says About You

See how your ring reflects both your personal and bridal style.

Read on to see what the setting of your engagement ring says about your style and upcoming wedding – especially if you laid a few hints about the style.

Fine Jewelry

How to Choose Jewelry to Pair with Your Wedding Dress

A bridal stylist's tips to make sure you have the right accessories for your gown.

While the wedding dress is the most important part of your wedding-day outfit, accessories will help complete the look. Read these tips to choose the right bridal accessories!


How to Know When Not to Wear Your Wedding Rings

It's understandable to want to wear it all the time, but you may be harming your ring.

Many newly engaged women find themselves never wanting to take off their rings; however, as much as you love your band, there are some situations where it is important that you do take off your ring.

Fine Jewelry

How to Care for Pearl Jewelry from Your Wedding

Whether brand new or a family heirloom, you'll want to make sure it lasts.

There’s nothing quite like a string of pearls to complete a classic bridal look. Now here's how to take care of them.


When Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

What you need to know if you're ready for a change.

Whether it was a complete surprise or you got to pick it out yourself, your engagement ring is supposed to last forever, right? Not necessarily, as more and more women are choosing to upgrade their rings at some point in the marriage – or even the engagement!


9 Engagement Rings Inspired by Vintage Designs

The styles are from different eras, but they're all equally beautiful!

Sometimes vintage rings can be acquired through an heirloom piece, which of course has an extra special personal touch, but estate pieces or other curated rings are other ways to find that perfect ring.


What You Need to Know Before You Purchase an Engagement Ring

How to make sure you don't get misled during the buying process.

The average person does not regularly buy diamond jewelry, which can make the shopping experience intimidating – especially since the gift has such sentimental value.


What You Need to Know About Using Heirloom Engagement Rings

It can be sentimental, but it's not right for everyone.

This is far from a “one size fits all” type of deal, so it’s important to examine your personal situation.

Inside Weddings shares wedding jewelry trends, ideas, and need-to-know advice! From how to buy a ring, to inspiration from real brides and celebrities, to tips for wedding jewelry, wedding bands, engagement rings, and more, we're sharing everything you need to know.

Engagement Rings & Wedding Jewelry - FAQ

What's the difference between engagement and wedding rings?

While their names are often used interchangeably, the term engagement ring is typically used for diamond rings (also featuring different gemstones) that are given to a bride-to-be or groom-to-be during a proposal. Traditionally, it goes on the left hand and is worn throughout the engagement and beyond.

At the wedding ceremony, brides and grooms exchange the wedding ring as they're reciting their vows. Traditionally, this is worn on the left hand of both the bride and groom – with the bride wearing both. Modern couples may choose to not have a ring commemorating the engagement or have both partners wear one, they may choose to not have a separate wedding ring and instead exchange the diamond engagement ring at the ceremony, and so on. The choice is ultimately up to you!

How much is an engagement ring and wedding band?

The price of diamond rings and wedding bands varies greatly on the quality, brand or designer, and style of the pieces. When purchasing, it's important to buy from a trusted source, jeweler, or shop. They'll be able to help you with details like deciding which metal color – for example: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum – is right for you, as well as help you choose the right diamond ring style or design custom styles with your choice of stone. 

The price of any gemstones or diamonds will depend on a variety of factors. You've likely heard of The Four Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – and jewelers can help you find a stone in your price range when shopping based on these factors. There are also alternative options like unique center stones such as an emerald or sapphire set in a range of various metals to create a personalized look.

Where can I find wedding jewelry inspiration?

Inside Weddings offers a range of wedding jewelry inspiration on this page, as well as looks from real brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and groomsmen in our real wedding and galleries sections!

What wedding jewelry do I need?

Of course, the final choice is up to you, but the most common wedding pieces include: an engagement ring, wedding ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and any family heirloom!

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