21 Beautiful Engagement Rings with Trendy Details

View the new bridal collections from Hearts On Fire.

21 Beautiful Engagement Rings with Trendy Details

Photo: Courtesy of Hearts On Fire

While there are many different types of engagement rings to choose from, popular styles tend to arise from year to year. Halo settings are currently reigning in popularity; however, the past has shown a love for colored stones, solitaire styles, and yellow gold rings. The latest bridal collections from Hearts On Fire are unique in the fact that they showcase a range of designs that will cater to many types of brides – instead of just following current trends.

The "Brielle" collection features intricate bands for women desiring a stylish ring with a bit of personality, the "Hexagonal" styles give off a vintage-inspired allure, and a number of bezel-set rings will appeal to women with a flair for the unique. Brides wanting a classically styled engagement ring with an air of modernity will love the styles in the "Cali Chic" collection, which include pavé bands, petal details, and diamond accents. 

Take a look at more of the new designs in the slideshow above! View more engagement rings here, see the jewelry worn by real brides in our photo galleries, and flip through 15 gorgeous ring designs for inspiration.