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Should You Write a Will After Getting Married?

Not everyone thinks to do so!

Marriage is a good time to make updates to a will or living trust – or create a new estate plan if you don’t already have one.


How to Change Your Last Name After Getting Married

What you need to do to take your spouse's name.

In addition to the romance and excitement of getting married, there are also legal steps to go through. Not everybody chooses to change their last name after the wedding, but for some women it’s the final step.


Should You Have a Joint Bank Account After Marriage?

Some people think it's a given, but it may not be necessary.

Having a joint bank account is still a popular choice among couples, in the spirit of togetherness and starting a family, but it’s not as much of a necessity as it once was.


Should You Consider a Prenup?

It can feel awkward, but it might be worth discussing.

As unromantic as it may seem, preparing for the worst-case scenario while the relationship is at its best can save a lot of heartache down the line.


Should You Combine Health Insurance After Marriage?

It's one of your new legal benefits, but is it right for you?

Find out if combining your health insurance with that of your spouse is the right step for you both.


4 Unexpected Side Effects of Changing Your Name

It's not all about the paperwork!

There is no wrong answer for what you decide to do with your name after marriage, but if you do decide to adopt a new surname, there are some things you should keep in mind.


Top 4 Things to Insure for a Wedding

What's the purpose of wedding insurance?

While you can’t control people not dancing or your ex-boyfriend trying to object during the ceremony, thanks to insurance, there are multiple wedding-related disasters you can protect against.


Find Out What Tax Write-Offs You Could Get from Your Wedding

If you're still finishing your taxes, your nuptials may be tax deductible.

No matter the budget, the final tally for wedding costs is usually more than what couples anticipate. While these large events can certainly add up, what many people don’t know is that some of your wedding-related purchases can be tax deductible.


Financial Topics to Talk About Before Proposing

It's important to know each other's financial status.

Financial matters are the most common cause of divorce, so it makes sense that money is an important discussion topic for couples.


Everything You Need to Know About Ring Insurance

Protect yourself in case something were to happen to your engagement ring.

After announcing the good news to your friends and family, insuring your engagement ring is the first thing you should do after saying yes.

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