8 Beautiful Bridal Bracelets to Complete Your Wedding Look

Find inspiration to bling out your wrist with these bracelets.

8 Beautiful Bridal Bracelets to Complete Your Wedding Look

Photo: Sarah Tew Photography

When choosing earrings or a necklace for your wedding day – or choosing not to wear any at all ­– a bride has to keep in mind her the neckline of her gown and hairstyle. But the right bracelet is always appropriate for bridal style, as it is unlikely to directly compete with your dress. Many will choose to wear a matching jewelry set for their nuptials, but a bracelet is far enough away from your other pieces that it’s easy to get away with a separate sparkler for your wrist. Whether you’re going for a subtle or flashy look, there is sure to be an option for you.

One of the best parts about wedding jewelry is that it’s both a great way to include family heirlooms in your outfit and unlike your dress and veil, new jewelry purchased for your wedding can be worn again and again, each time reminding you of your beloved nuptials.

To help you decide what the best look is for your celebration, we’ve gathered some of our favorite pieces worn by real brides. Click on each photo to get further inspiration from their weddings.

wedding day jewelry bridal bracelets

These intricate bangles of varying widths complement a heavily beaded gown and add sparkle to an understated dress. Photo by Danette Pascarella Photography

wedding day jewelry, pearl bracelets
Multiple pearl strands divided by white gold and diamonds make for a refined bracelet perfect for a bride desiring a vintage look. Photo by Images by Berit, Inc.

wedding day jewelry, tennis bracelet, diamond bridal bracelet
For fans of a classic bridal style, it’s hard to go wrong with a tennis bracelet – sophisticated in its simplicity. Photo by Images by Berit, Inc.

Indian wedding jewelry, bangles

An armful of bangles may be traditional for Indian weddings, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still wow guests. Photo by VIVIDA

wedding day jewelry, emerald bracelet
Jewelry is a great opportunity to bring color into your wedding ensemble, whether as your “something blue” or simply one of your favorite hues. Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography

wedding day jewelry, bracelet cuff
A stunning bridal cuff may only be one piece, but it sparkles like a whole collection of jewelry. Photo by Goodger Photography

wedding day jewelry, mitch and match bracelets

There’s no reason you have to stick to one style of bracelet on your wedding day. Pairing a couple of bangles with a chain of florals makes for a fun, fresh look. Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

wedding day jewelry, pearl bracelet, pearl drop bracelet
If matching is your style, a pearl drop bracelet goes beautifully with a similar necklace and earrings. Photo by Chrisman Studios

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