20 Real Grooms Share Their Best Wedding Advice

Find out what tips the grooms featured in Inside Weddings shared with us!

Since grooms vary in their level of involvement, we've gathered the best advice from a number of real grooms featured in the pages of Inside Weddings to lend their wisdom.

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While brides usually take charge of wedding planning, it's important to remember that the wedding celebrates the love between the couple, so grooms should be involved in some way too. Whether they decide to go all-in on the planning process or take a step back on most of the decisions except the music and food, grooms-to-be should always support and assist their fiancées.

Since grooms vary in their level of involvement, we've gathered the best advice from a number of real grooms featured in the pages of Inside Weddings to lend their wisdom. Future grooms: read these tips to ensure the planning process goes smoothly and your wedding day is the best day of your life.

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"Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment." – Brian

"Make sure you have a venue with a wonderful event coordinator and hire an impeccable wedding planner. Let the bride run the show and only add input when asked." – Jeremy

"For the tastings, just make sure you go on an empty stomach because there will be a lot to try. And enjoy everything leading up to the big day because it comes and goes so quickly. – Alex

"It honestly depends on your fiancé and her mother... but ultimately stay out of the way. You might have great taste, but at the end of the day you just want to make your fiancée happy." – Mac

"Help where needed especially the week of the wedding. It can be stressful those last few days." – Walker

"Have fun with it and don’t let anything get in the way of that. Even with all of the details that get planned, at the end of the day, it’s just about you and your fiancée getting to start the next chapter of your lives together. Most importantly, make sure the bride is happy and stress-free." – Scott

"Pick a few things that are most important to you, but don’t try to micromanage the process." – Andrew

"Agree with everything your bride-to-be wants! Don’t get caught up in all the details and let it take away from what the celebration is for. It goes by fast, so cherish every moment." – Wes

"Don’t get wrapped up in all of the 'messiness' that comes your way during wedding planning. So many people want to get involved and share their opinions (family especially!). It’s so important to remember that this is a moment for you and your future wife – plan it together and don’t let anyone tear you two apart in the process. Always remember why you’re there and that no one else’s opinion matters more than hers! And honestly, in the end everyone’s always happy!!" – Sahar

"My advice is to stay patient and present... your future wife has likely been thinking about this day since she was a young girl so she will be emotional and occasionally a little crazy. Just support her, help where you can, and know when to stay out of the way! Remember, all of the planning leads up to a party that is over in about six hours, so take a breath and enjoy it." – Robert

"I thought of our wedding as if we were putting on a show. Think of where your talents are – building things, writing, design, cooking, juggling, etc. – and find ways to incorporate some of those things into the day. Take a risk and sing a song to your bride, or build the chuppah, or bake your own wedding cake; even if it isn't perfect, people (and your bride) will love that you brought more of yourself into the celebration." – Noah

"On the day of the wedding, please dance until you can’t dance anymore, enjoy every minute, try to slow down time, and don’t get caught up with the small things. No one looks or thinks about the little details that you’re thinking of. Make your wife feel as loved and as special as you can. You want that day to be the first page of the best book ever written. Don’t drink too much. Stay in the moment and thank everyone that made everything possible. Cheers!" – Mauricio

"Just go with it! If you remember, try and stop to appreciate what is going on around you during different times throughout the day." – Shane

"Enjoy the process, be involved, and take a dance lesson!" – Hunter

"Wedding planning is very difficult, so don’t leave the entire responsibility on your soon-to-be wife. She would greatly appreciate you sharing that burden with her and plus, it's one of the measures they use to determine how much you care about the wedding." – Jason

"Spend as much time dancing with your wife as possible." – Neil

"Marriage is about compromise and so is wedding planning, but at the end of the day just make sure your wife is happy." – Frederick

"Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time in any couple’s relationship, as it is easy to get caught up in all the chaos. My advice is to be there for your bride throughout the whole process, even if you don’t agree in the moment, because come wedding day, you will realize that although the pageantry is great, the only thing that matters is the girl standing across from you." – Ryne

"I recommend having a live band with a wide range – you can’t recreate that kind of energy. And definitely have some late-night food. No one ever eats enough at a wedding!" – Murphy

"Hire a wedding planner if you can afford it – a good wedding planner. While we were very involved in the entire process, it was really great to have somebody to coordinate everything that weekend. There are many moving parts, especially to a wedding like ours that had four actual events over those days, and having somebody to make sure everything is how it should be and everyone is where they should be is very worth it and reduces much of the stress. Find somebody who is good at managing emotions and unforeseen situations!" – Nathan

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