22 Beautifully Touching Father-of-the-Bride Photos from Real Weddings

From fathers to grandfathers, these precious photos may make you tear up.

22 Beautifully Touching Father-of-the-Bride Photos from Real Weddings

Photo: Sarah Tew Photography

The groom may be the man of the hour at a wedding, but he still needs to share the spotlight with the first man in a woman's life: her dad.

From the proposal to the walk down the aisle to the father-daughter dance, the father of the bride has a starring role throughout the wedding festivities. Who better to help a bride enter this new phase of life than the man who helped raise her? A wedding is also the perfect time to recognize other father figures who have provided love and guidance, such as stepfathers, brothers, and grandfathers. Trust us: your wedding day is as monumental to your dad as it is to you!   

We've seen our share of beautiful moments between father and daughter, as well as the unexpected emotions that occur as they walk their little girls down the aisle. Although you may get caught up in the wedding planning, don't forget to call the special men in your life and remind them how thrilled you are to share your special day with them! As you click through our slideshow above, you might get teary – these dads held nothing back as they celebrated their daughters' wedding days.