Unique Engagement Gift Ideas: Personalized Engagement Gifts for Men

Fun engagement gifts for men that your future husband will love.

If you’re stuck on what to get your hubby-to-be or you want ideas on engagement gifts for men in general, consider our list of suggestions!

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When it comes to getting engaged, all of the pressure is traditionally on the grooms-to-be; however, the brides-to-be get most of the attention afterwards! Of course, some friends and family members will send engagement gifts to the couple, but many times, engagement gift ideas are focused on the bride versus the groom. Even with the couple themselves, women typically do not present the men with an engagement gift or offering, though modern couples are changing these practices.

Getting down on bended knee is no easy feat – making the decision to propose marriage to your significant other is an exciting and anxiety-inducing practice. Women typically receive a diamond engagement ring when the question is popped, but there has not been a societal push to present the groom with some sort of nuptial marker or gift. As of late, however, giving the man in your life a token post-engagement is becoming increasingly popular.

So whether you're looking for engagement gift ideas for men to present your loved one or friend at an engagement party or you'd like to present your beloved with an engagement gift following the proposal, we've compiled some personalized options that will honor this special moment in life. From gifts from the bride to the groom, to engagement gifts for your male friends, to unique items to gift the men in your life throughout the wedding-planning process, there's sure to be something that will make the perfect post-engagement gift.

Engagement Gifts for Men:

If you’re stuck on what to get your hubby-to-be or you want ideas on engagement gifts for men in general, consider our list of suggestions!

A Ring of His Own 

Though it isn’t the custom, some brides – such actress Anna Camp – have been giving their guys engagement bands. Depending on your groom’s sense of style, this may be the gift for him: you can sift through various designs and engrave a sweet and meaningful word or phrase inside. It’s a lovely way to equalize your partnership and excite the both of you for the journey to come as you start planning your wedding! 

An Engraved Tie Clip 

If you want to go with more traditional men’s formalwear for a gift, an elegant new tie clip that the groom can wear on the wedding day is an excellent present – from the bride or from friends or family members. Like engraving an engagement ring or wedding band, engraving personal sentiments into your gift of choice is fairly easy these days. This way, he’ll have a private gift from you to cherish throughout the day to remind him of your shared bond and your road to marriage. 

Personalized Travel Accessories 

Looking for items that the groom-to-be can use for years to come – or to give a gentle reminder that your honeymoon is right around the corner? He will love luggage tags, passport cases, or travel wallets with his monogram or name in bold lettering. This gift also has the added bonus of sparking his imagination for the honeymoon, future anniversary trips, and more. It is a great way to start the all-important conversation of “where shall we go first?” following the big day. 

An Initialed Decanter 

To prepare for the toasts and fêtes thrown in your honor as a couple, consider getting your libation and spirit aficionado a decanter. Of course, this gift can be used in your marital home time and time again, so in a way (if you're getting this gift for your groom), you’re investing in your future dinner parties! If you want to add gifts that go well with a wine or whiskey decanter, consider wine glasses, crystal tumblers, double old-fashioned glasses, or the preferred glassware of your groom's favorite specific drink. 

Custom Coasters 

Modern technology has made it incredibly simple to order gorgeous coasters bedecked with special words, sayings, monograms, and even pictures. You can browse anything from rustic to classic to new age: create them for his office or den, or simply gift a special collection to match his kitchen mugs or favorite glassware. 

A Monogramed Knife Kit or Set 

If your groom is a handy man – or fancies himself to be – a sophisticated knife kit may be the way to go. You can keep simplicity in mind with a standard pocketknife, or you can search for kits that offer a wider variety of items for everyday use. If your groom would rather spend his time with knives in the kitchen, a monogrammed kitchen knife set is another choice that he'll love! Sure, you may want to have one of these on your wedding registry, but it's a great option if you need a new set right away! 

Monogrammed Knife from Williams-Sonoma

"Our Song" Vinyl Wall Art 

Whether or not your groom is a big fan of records or music, a great personalized engagement gift for men is a framed vinyl record album of his favorite tune, album, or artist. Take this gift idea one step further and frame the record of your song – extra points if it happened to play during your engagement! This is also a wonderful post-wedding gift idea for your first dance song – or it can be a gift that keeps on giving to eventually even create a full gallery wall in his office featuring a collection of songs that have special meanings to him and you both as a couple! 

Record Gallery Frame Set

Gallery record frame with white mat, $40/each; CB2

A Picnic with His Favorites 

Your proposal probably had a lot to do with your favorite things – your favorite wine or Champagne, a delicious dinner, a hike to your favorite view point, etc. – so why not gift your groom with a picnic filled with all of his favorite things. Leave home with your picnic basket, drive or hike to a destination you know he loves, and pull out his favorite wine or drink, appetizers, snacks, and foods to have a celebratory picnic that honors your engagement and the steps you're taking towards marriage and your wedding day. 

Cuff Links or a Watch 

If you wanted to gift your groom an engagement ring of his own, but you don't think he'd like that for himself, consider another men's accessory! We love the idea of gifting personalized cuff links that he can wear on the wedding day and for other occasions as well, or a watch is another great option for gifts that will stand the test of time leading up to the wedding day and long after. Both of these options can be engraved as well, so make it your own! 

A Date Night with Him in Mind 

Regardless of who usually plans your couple's retreats, one of the greatest gifts you can give him is a day, evening, or night of fun for the both of you to celebrate. Plan activities that the two of you have been dying to try: skydiving, bungee jumping, even just the wine and painting class that your friends have been raving about (get date night ideas here). Plan a full day of activities if you'd like, or keep it simple with a nice dinner or wine tasting. The key is to relax and have fun: you’re both about to begin the wedding planning process!

When it comes to gifting the groom in your life, you'll know best, but we hope these gift ideas will help to point you in the right direction! When finding gifts for the ones you love, it's always nice to include something that they can use, wear, or have wanted – so keep that in mind as you're shopping! It would be a shame to spend time and money on gifts or a gift box that they will appreciate in the short term but won't use in the long run, so stick to gifts you know they'll love or experiences!

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