The journey to Jenna Gurnick and Kelly Ross' big day was preceded with a bridal shower tailored to the bride-to-be's occupation. Miniature school supplies neatly compiled on each blackboard-inspired placemat celebrated the second grade teacher’s engagement to the talent contractor she had met through mutual friends. Cheerful floral arrangements placed in clever vessels – constructed from rulers, pencils, and erasers – as well as custom-carved red apples, denoting "Jenna + Kelly," "Apple of My Eye," and more, decorated each table of the Beverly Hills space.

Attendees found their seats by way of paper airplane place cards and were welcomed with a pencil pouch including a composition book, a diamond-shaped Kate Spade eraser, a box of crayons, and more. The duo and their loved ones enjoyed a variety of treats and drinks while celebrating with family and friends.

Since she didn't want to open all of the gifts at the event, guests were given the option of placing their gifts on a table featuring a sign reading either, "If you would like Jenna to open your gift today" or "If you don't mind Jenna opening your gift later." 

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