With their mothers playing matchmaker behind the scenes, Ben Moradzadeh and Shannon Delrahim were introduced at a wedding they both attended. The pair was instantly smitten. “We really organically hit if off. I remember feeling so free around him,” describes Shannon. 

While vacationing in Capri, Italy, Ben took the opportunity to propose to his beloved. “He told me we were going to go see the sunset before dinner; something I really didn’t feel like doing,” Shannon admits. “He rushed me to get ready, and we left with my hair still wet.” 

As the pair stood in a garden overlooking the gorgeous seascape, Ben asked Shannon to spend the rest of her life with him. Surprised at the momentous gesture, she confides that her heart sank. “I had always really wanted my parents to be a part of the moment,” Shannon explains. “After he proposed, he told me he had one more surprise… I turned around and saw my mom, dad, brother, and his parents as well. I couldn’t stop sobbing.” 

The bride had a magical vision for the décor of their big day, and with the help of wedding-planner extraordinaire Mindy Weiss, it all fell perfectly into place. “I had always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a forest. I wanted everything to be super earthy and natural,” she describes. “Mindy made my earthy forest look chic and elegant.” 

“Mindy [Weiss] mixed small lights with Edison lights to create the tent of my dreams.”

Shannon emphasized the importance of the ceremony being a spiritual experience that involved their shared Jewish heritage. The couple decided to exchange vows under the prayer shawl of the bride’s late grandfather. “My grandpa passed away two months before our wedding. I really wanted an element of him there,” she explains of the touching detail. The traditional Jewish ceremony took place on the lush lawn of a private estate where 60 loved ones joined them to witness the special occasion. 

Shannon looked stunning wearing an ethereal high-low gown and carried a whimsical bouquet comprised of the most gorgeous bunch of muted-colored florals, including bold white anemones that contrasted beautifully against the blush tones. Her hair was loosely swept up into a sophisticated bun that completed her effortless, elegant style. Ben was equally dapper in a custom pale blue suit paired with a light-grey tie. “As I walked down the aisle towards Ben, I felt the same freedom as the night we met. The world was on pause, and it was just us,” she confesses of the romantic feeling. 

The bride was confident she wanted to construct a twinkle-light tent that maintained an earthy, chic, timeless ambience. “Mindy mixed small lights with Edison lights to create the tent of my dreams,” illustrates Shannon. Long, concrete tables set with mixed-and-matched linen chairs were arranged for the intimate dinner service. Natural-looking clusters of blooms generously lined the center of tables, along with collections of pillar candles placed on pedestals. For dessert, guests enjoyed scrumptious slices of a three-tiered strawberry shortcake. “It was covered in dried flowers, which really went along with the earthy theme,” adds the bride. 

The groom had worked hard on curating the perfect playlist and entertainment lineup for the evening, which turned out wonderfully. “We had a few different experiences – from a live Persian band to our good friend Fabio singing our first dance song in English and Italian, as well as another close friend DJ the dance portion,” muses the groom. Partygoers danced and enjoyed each other’s company until the clock struck midnight, at which point the newlyweds departed for the night. “At the end of Persian receptions, the bride and groom are showered in rose petals,” says Shannon. “It was magical to experience!” 

Though the couple had faced challenges due to the Covid pandemic, they were so grateful to see their special day come to fruition. “I wish I hadn’t stressed over every detail. I didn’t sleep for a month before the wedding!” confesses the bride. “Remember, the day is about you two and your love – at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”