Attending a Los Angeles Kings hockey game on their first date, Kathy Obdzhanyan admits she started off the date pretty quiet. “I was shy at first, but Marat had such an inviting personality, there is no way anyone could feel uncomfortable around him,” she recounts. Marat Khatchatrian was just as smitten with his companion. “Her personality was amazing, she had a great smile alongside a distinct giggle in her tone, and overall beautiful personality,” describes Marat. 

Their relationship naturally progressed over five years and after securing the blessing of his beloved’s parents, he knew it was time to propose. “Kathy and I grew up together, went through all the tests a relationship can offer, and through all of the hurdles, we came out stronger,” Marat shares. 

Under the guise of attending a Christmas party together one evening, Marat was able to get Kathy out of the house to attend a hair and makeup appointment, while he set the stage with four-foot-tall letters covered in red roses that spelled out “Marry Me.” “I loved how he kept the proposal intimate, just me and him,” tells Kathy. “He went down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and it was history from then on!” 

Their Armenian culture and the wedding traditions involved were a priority to the affianced pair. They wanted an extraordinary bride’s house for Kathy and her family. “The bride’s house is very important in the Armenian culture because it’s the ‘taking of the bride out of her parents’ house,’” Marat explains. “This is also where you see your bride for the very first time dressed up in her wedding gown.” 

An Armenian church was another site of significance, as the bride looked forward to her father walking her down the aisle. Monochromatic “trees” decorated the altar area and contrasted with the rich palette of the sanctuary décor, creating a sophisticated ambience for the service. The bride wore an exquisite strapless ball gown featuring hand-sewn embellishments – a custom design by Sahar Fotouhi of Panache Bridal – paired with a stately veil and sparkling headpiece. Her groom, dressed in a classic tuxedo made complete with a black bow tie. “Seeing Kathy for the first time was very emotional and time stamped a milestone in my life,” he reveals of her grand entrance.

“The color scheme ended up blowing our minds… it made the décor look so grand.”

For the reception, the couple had selected a lovely venue that was spacious enough for their 430-person guest list, as well as a large stage area to accommodate the seven-piece live band and a list of impressive Armenian entertainers. The vast space was also the perfect backdrop for the bride’s vision of a magical garden, which was brought to life by Edgar Hay of Edgar Hay Events. Tablescapes were bedecked with urns showcasing vibrant florals in shades of blue, purple, and pink, in addition to gilt candelabra centerpieces adorned with flowers and amorous candlelight. 

Over 9,000 fresh roses were used to create a wall that highlighted the eight-tier wedding cake, making the space as fragrant as it was visually stunning. “The color scheme ended up blowing our minds… it made the décor look so grand,” illustrates Marat. A unique sweetheart table was arranged beneath a “cloud of roses” and showcased tall bullion gates that appeared to lead to a garden. 

Planning a wedding is not easy, but you should enjoy every moment of it,” emphasizes Kathy, who credits her wedding planner, Edgar Hay, for making the process as seamless as possible and executing her garden concept in such a dynamic way. For Marat, the day went by much too fast. “Although it was a whole-day experience, by the time it was over, it felt like four hours at most,” he affirms. “When you are having fun surrounded by people you love, it is a feeling you never want to end. If I could relive one day in my life, it would be our wedding day!”

This real wedding was originally published in the Winter 2023 issue of Inside Weddings magazine. 

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