Certain design concepts have the ability to transport us to another time and place – they evoke in us a sense of wonder that allows us to leave our current setting and take on an entirely new identity. When Alexandra Rembac of Sterling Engagements began to go about creating a concept for a wedding tablescape for Luxe Linen’s 2016 launch party, she was immediately struck by one of the line’s newest additions. “Our inspiration for the table began with our linen, Circle Dance,” says Alexandra. “I loved the pattern and the metal sheen layered on it. The circles and the design within them, to me, felt very Greek or Moroccan, and immediately whisked me off to the Mediterranean Coast.” With such a clean, crisp space to work with, Alexandra decided to stretch her creativity to create an artful design fit for an offbeat couple. After selecting a large pair of painted angel wings to hang over the tablescape, Alexandra and her team came up with the title “Dancing Angels along the Mediterranean” for their concept. 

With such a playful motif, Alexandra turned to Revelry Event Designers to bedeck the space with rentals that expertly coordinated with the theme. A long table in the foreground of the display was covered in Luxe Linen’s “Circle Dance” linen and topped with gold charger plates and white china, flanked by gilt utensils. Resting atop the plateware was a small blue card displaying a motif of the painted wings overhead with a wonderful quote from the designer reading, “Every soul in this universe is a star, Find your inner light.” Each place setting also featured a miniature white confection with gold leaf details and blue goblets. Down the length of the table rested a mirrored runner acting as a surface for the bold centerpieces of blooms in hues of orange and pink, as well as metallic, geometric vessels holding candles surrounded by small votives. 

Additionally, the team had a fabricated ceremony space to work with. Keeping with the artistic tone of the design, the pure white altar was decorated with countless cascading vines with bright blossoms weaving in and out of candles, eventually spilling out onto the floor and down the marble steps. “The aesthetic of the venue and our placement within the space contributed so much to our design,” notes Alexandra. The painted wings were elevated above the altar as the focal point of the area, displayed directly under a laser-cut sign reading “Be the Good” along with additional vines. Alongside the main concept was a small lounge area with a white-and-gold sofa adorned with gilt and blue pillows sitting in front of a mirror-top coffee table, which featured the same bold blooms and candles seen on the main tablescape. On the other side, an ottoman in the same design as the sofa sat next to a metallic side table with a plethora of pink-hued flower arrangements.

According to Alexandra, the finished product wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she set out to create the concept. “It is never [what we think it’s going to be,]” she reveals. “It’s always a progressive process that takes on the journey through our design collaboration and exceeds the initial vision. While it’s not where we started, I couldn’t be more elated with where it landed.” The motif is spectacular inspiration for the innovative, bold couple looking for something unique and modern for their wedding reception.