Incorporating a modern yet timeless wedding design is desired by many of today's couples. To inspire brides and grooms in the midst of planning such a celebration, wedding planner and designer Lorenda Howell of Lorenda Howell Events created an elegant "faux wedding" styled shoot to display a stunning tablescape, three different bridal looks, beautiful cakes, and fun extras on a hotel rooftop overlooking the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"We wanted to do something very modern and fashion forward, yet still timeless and elegant," explains Lorenda Howell, who "wanted a potential bride to be able to see this photo shoot and find herself in it." Thus, she assembled a team of wedding professionals to create the tablescape she envisioned, as well as lovely paper goods, gorgeous wedding cakes, a wow-worthy Champagne tower, and not one, but three brides to showcase an array of fashionable wedding styles fit for the luxurious setting. 

"We wanted to do something very modern and fashion forward, yet still timeless and elegant."

"One of my biggest goals when planning and designing a faux wedding or a real one is to ensure it withstands the test of time," Howell confirms. "I wanted this to be relevant yet timeless, so that when we look back in four, five, or six years, it has not been dated by the design." 

The rectangular reception table, which was situated on a rooftop overlooking the city, was adorned with high and low centerpieces comprised of baby's breath, roses, anthurium, and additional white blooms interspersed with fresh greenery. Place settings incorporated golden accents to bring warmth to the alfresco space, and white-and-gold chairs added to the luxe feel.

In fact, the shoot was planned with the priority of exuding luxury. Modern florals, a timeless color palette, and elegant details helped to achieve the desired look. "From the minute I started finding vendors, each one was chosen with the mindset of luxury," Howell shares of her process, which began with selecting a photographer who beautifully aligned with her brand. "Her style is editorial, sexy yet romantic, and very fashion forward," she affirms, adding: "Our photographer was great in following the forecast to ensure the lighting would be ideal for rooftop filming."

To add to the opulent feel of the faux wedding, bridal gowns were sourced from high-end designers and elegant jewelry was thoughtfully selected for each of the three brides. "Even with hair and makeup, we wanted to remain cohesive with a lush style. We were very intentional in opting for no veil or hair piece," she adds, as she wanted to ensure every element of the shoot remained classic, yet modern. Take a look at the inspiring décor in the slideshow above!