If Ashley Robertson and Austin Heidt hadn’t been set up on a blind date by his sister-in-law, life wouldn’t be the same for the couple, who hit it off right away. “We sat there talking for five hours!” remembers Ashley of the pair’s first date. A few years later when they traveled to Spain to pick up their puppy, Austin surprised Ashley by proposing with the ring around their new pup’s neck. “It was such a magical moment,” shares the bride. 

Though they planned to get married in Italy in June 2021, their destination wedding was unfortunately canceled due to Covid. Determined to gather friends and family for the happy occasion, they moved forward and began planning another wedding – this time in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they reside. Soon, the betrothed received happy news. “I was blessed with an unplanned pregnancy, so you can only imagine my dress fittings,” she smiles. “Through all the obstacles, it was the most magical day.” 

As the bride had always dreamed of getting married at Greenacres, the venue was an easy choice once Italy was no longer an option. On the day of the celebration, 250 loved ones members gathered to witness Ashley and Austin’s handwritten vows. “We really wanted to do this, and it was such an emotional and special moment,” she muses. The ceremony took place alfresco with guests seated on a manicured lawn, situated on either side of a stone path decorated with a stunning multicolored floral aisle runner. “It was a work of art!” exclaims the bride. 

“Have a few moments alone with your significant other to soak it in. Everyone you love is there in one room for you... that is truly the most amazing feeling.”

Guests moved indoors for the elegant reception featuring gorgeous ivory drapery and earthy, garden-inspired floral arrangements. “Seeing the reception area for the first time with Austin was so memorable. We got to take in all the beauty just the two of us and see all of our hard work come to life,” affirms the bride. “Being in events my whole career, I’ve seen it all, so I really wanted to do something special but timeless… I was really into having beautiful chairs and the hanging floral piece [above the circular dance floor] was magnificent.” 

Friends and family found their seats at round tables covered in neutral linens surrounded by white-and-gold oval-back chairs. “Being in the restaurant industry, food is important to us. It’s my husband’s love language,” confirms Ashley. Thus, the couple focused a large portion of their spending limit on ensuring the fare was enjoyed by all of their guests. Attendees also savored slices of the pair’s artistic wedding cake, which was wrapped in edible toffee-colored roses that complemented the centerpieces. 

Before their first dance to “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, Ashley changed into a short party dress to start the revelry off right and ensure she could dance comfortably all night long. “I don’t think I would change a thing,” the bride confirms of their perfect day. Her advice? “Have a few moments alone with your significant other to soak it in,” she urges. “Everyone you love is there in one room for you... that is truly the most amazing feeling.”

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