“We met at the encouragement of several close friends,” Meredith Foster reveals about her first encounter with T. Cody Turnquist. Since he was living in the city at the time, Meredith never anticipated that they had similar upbringings. “He took me out to our now home and showed me where he grew up, which is really similar to the way that I grew up,” she smiles. Later on, Cody popped the question while filming a lifestyle video for a house he listed. “I was supposed to be walking through the field leading a horse with him to show what it’s like to live on the property [and] while we were walking through the field, with cameras running, he proposed,” she smiles.

In lieu of a wedding venue, the couple decided to host their nuptials right at home. “We married on our property in the front yard of the house that Cody grew up in [which] we purchased a couple years back and then fully remodeled,” the bride explains. Their 170 friends and loved ones arrived at the Minnesota estate to witness Meredith’s brother officiate the ceremony. “I am so very glad that we asked my brother to officiate. He did an incredible job of making it personal and funny,” she remembers. Another special element of the service was the father of the bride performing Steve Moakler’s “Lifetime.” “I grew up listening to my dad play guitar all the time, so I knew having him play at the wedding was a must.”

The couple’s organic décor enhanced the natural ambience of the locale, and a grand ceiling installation provided a beautiful focal point. “I wanted a bunch of greenery and lights. I believe I said I wanted ‘woodsy and romantic’ in our initial consultation, which is definitely what we got,” explains the bride. “We kept it natural but made it super glamorous.” For an extra touch of home, guests left the soirée with jars of honey produced on Meredith’s family farm. “These were tied with a pretty blue string to attach the wooden dipper, and then a custom stamp was placed on top,” describes the bride.

Meredith affirms that she would not change anything about her special day. “I just wish that I could do it again!” she smiles. “But thankfully I had awesome videographers and photographers, so I can relive it through that.”