Teddi Mellencamp claims that Matt Robertson was late for their blind date; Matt swears Teddi was early. Luckily, there is one fact about their set-up that the two can agree upon: it was a huge success. After becoming engaged sometime later in the glow of their candlelit Los Angeles apartment, Teddi and Matt also had no problem seeing eye-to-eye on where their family-focused wedding should be held. “From day one, we knew it would be at my dad’s house in Indiana,” Teddi shares. And when “dad” is singer John Mellencamp, the house is exactly the slice of Midwestern heaven you would imagine it to be – and be thrilled to have access to.

With its sprawling grounds and lakeside view, the Mellencamp property was a dream setting for the elegant wedding Teddi and Matt envisioned. As director of public relations for the popular L.A. boutique Intuition, Teddi brought her hip sense of style to the planning process, which she shared with Matt, their families – especially her mother Victoria Lynn Granucci – Indiana coordinator Kelly Early, and Beverly Hills celebrity consultant Mindy Weiss. Pairing a traditional color palette of ivory and chocolate brown with contemporary floral arrangements and dark wood furniture, the group created a classic and chic look for the early summer wedding. Teddi’s maid of honor, her sister Justice, and her eleven bridesmaids carried single white calla lilies against their pale blue dresses while Teddi held a fragrant bouquet of gardenias. Dressed in her Lazaro gown and ready ahead of schedule (“As usual,” laughs Teddi), the bride anxiously awaited a first look at her groom, which did not happen until she entered the outdoor ceremony on her father’s arm. It was a thrill neither Teddi nor Matt would soon forget. “Although we had seen each other the night before, it felt like it had been days,” claims Teddi.

Glass bowls filled with all-white displays of gardenias, lilies, and orchids sat atop crisp, white reception tables surrounded by fruitwood chiavari chairs. Although guests plucked their place cards from a wrought iron fence strewn with ribbons, everyone was free to sit wherever they wanted, taking it upon themselves to fill the tables without the help of a seating chart. The 290 guests also helped create the evening’s easy and affectionate atmosphere as they dined on California-inspired cuisine and toasted the couple with laughter and heartfelt words. “Although we had a large wedding,” remembers Teddi, “It seemed very intimate and warm.” But the group did not stay seated for long. “We were under the assumption that a DJ would handle most of the music and were surprised when my dad and his band played an entire set,” recalls Teddi.

Word traveled quickly of Mellencamp’s performance, and soon about fifteen boats filled with local fans appeared on the lake. The more the merrier, according to the couple. “It was such an amazing surprise for us and for all of our friends who had traveled so far to celebrate with us.” Some of the guests even took their turn on stage, performing along with the band. And while the day went by faster than they ever expected, the newlyweds took several opportunities to stop and really appreciate the amazing experience unfolding around them. “We were grateful to have been given this advice beforehand,” says Teddi, recommending that other couples take time during their own weddings to sit back and drink in the scenery.