It’s no wonder that meeting during an internship in Paris would catalyze a romantic relationship between two people. After getting engaged in December 2014, Sophia and Fahd began planning the destination wedding of their dreams. “Both of our families are Moroccan and we wanted to honor that,” explains the bride. “Additionally, December in Marrakech is the most beautiful time of year there with lots of sun and pleasant temperatures.” Upon hiring a wedding consultant, many decisions were immediately clear. “We had a particular vision in mind and our priority was to ensure that the team could bring that idea to life,” tells their wedding planner, Fabrice Orlando. 

Guests flew in to Marrakech from around the world to celebrate the nuptials of the London-based lovebirds. Attendees first enjoyed a few hours of cocktails and mingling before taking their seats for the ceremony. At 8PM, Sophia walked through a petal-strewn pathways lined with sheer drapery, candles, and lanterns, entering her vow exchange. She wore a traditional Moroccan blue-and-gold gown featuring countless gems, which she accented with a statement necklace, earrings, and crown. In fact, this was just one of three dresses she donned throughout the event, along with a long-sleeved and highly embellished alabaster frock, and finally, a modern and fitted bridal outfit with a low back. Fahd sported a sleek, customary ivory ensemble. Once the two were officially joined as husband and wife, the entire party retreated to the reception space for a lively party.

First, friends and family enjoyed delicious fare in the dining room. Circular, reflective tables showcased metallic chargers and dinnerware, and each table featured predominately white centerpieces with a slight touch of blush. Each arrangement held 250 roses, in congruence with the couple’s desired motif. “We created a rainforest theme that was carried out through two decidedly different atmospheres,” shares Fabrice. “The dinner took place in a historic building while the reception was in a club.” Hints of the chosen concept came out during the meal, and were fully immersed in the rainforest upon seeing the dance space. Both Mr. and Mrs. surprised one another were separate performances – Sophia, along with her dance troupe, with a 12-minute show as well as a vocal duet with a professional tenor, and Fahd with a song to his bride: something for which he’d be taking secret lessons. The party vibe held up well into the next morning – the event didn’t end until 6AM! “Moroccan weddings are traditionally very long, which is not something that Europeans are used to,” muses Sophia. “So, while I would not change a thing because it was such a wonderful day, it was a very long celebration!”